In 1997, as I looked for mares suitable to restart the Vintage Farm breeding program, I discovered a 5-year-old mare and fell in love with her movement and her soul. The owners graciously agreed to sell the mare to me. This mare is Dean Mt Fine Lace (Triton Applause x Dean Mt Merry Belle). Later I was able to purchase two of her full sisters, Dean Mt Nikkoletta and Dean Mt Cherry Delite. While these mares are individuals, they each have that serene kindness that I saw and admired in Lacey. They are calm and yet highly responsive. They are also excellent mothers, teaching their foals their calm and trusting ways. I owe much to their breeder, Joan Crice.

Dean Mt Mares extended pedigree

Left to right: Dean Mt Fine Lace, Vintage Ethan Moro, Dean Mt Nikkoletta, and Vintage Indigo.  Both colts are sired by Sumrsnow Majestic.

1992 Dark Chestnut Mare

An ideal broodmare with a Cadillac ride.
Lacey has been shown lightly in dressage at schooling shows with scores as high as 71%.
She is a steady driving horse and the most comfortable ride on the trail. She has
consistently produced better than herself.

Vintage Van Gogh at 3 months old
sired by Shady Shadow Chandez
Vintage Firebird
sired by Farcuer's Falcom Morgan

Vintage Buccaneer sired by Sir Danes Sire Storm

Dean Mt Fine Lace with Vintage Ethan Moro
sired by Sumrsnow Majestic.

Dean Mt Fine Lace with Vintage Brewster
sired by Sir Danes Sire Storm

Vintage Bentley
sired by Westwind Storm
(Sir Danes Sire Storm x Westwind Black Betty)

1994 dark chestnut mare

Nikkoletta is a full-bodied, well-muscled mare with exceptionally sound leg conformation and a kind disposition. She was not ridden much as a young horse but turned out to be a great trail horse who is happy to carry even a young or inexperienced rider. She has excelled at her broodmare duties, producing the lovely foals shown below.


Vintage Kobalt sired by Sumrsnow Majestic

Vintage Sapphire sired by Good News Joshua

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