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We appreciate this opportunity to share our love of Morgan Horses and our philosophy for breeding Morgans. 

Vintage Morgans was started in 1974 and has produced Morgans on small scale since then.  Our goal is to produce Morgan horses with dispositions suitable for youth and amateur handlers coupled with the athletic ability and soundness of mind to be competitive in sport disciplines such as dressage, carriage driving, eventing, competitive trail, and ranch work.  We expect all our horses to be excellent partners on the trail as well.

Russ on Dean Mt Nikkoletta
and Nora on Vintage Lusita

Showing and training styles have evolved over the years and we have incorporated aspects of classical dressage training and natural horsemanship into our methods. Nora successfully showed in western pleasure, hunter pleasure, and dressage at both Morgan shows and those open to all breeds from 1978 to 2004. 

We haven’t done any showing in recent years, mostly using the horses for trail riding.  However, even though we are primarily trail riding, we strive to continue our education as conscientious riders and trainers.  We believe that every time we ride, we are training the horse and strive to consistently build up the partnership.


Abby Knight on Vintage Indigo and Russ Knight on Vintage Bella Rose

Vintage Ironside at his first dressage show
in the mid-1980's

In 2014, through sale of a Morgan gelding to Jennifer Lewis, we met Jane Judson of Carnation, Washington who is a student of Philippe Karl’s School of Legerete (French for “lightness”).  As we are able, we plan to take lessons with Jane. 

We have also been influenced by Eitan Beth-Halachmy’s Cowboy Dressage methods and are pursuing further instruction in this discipline.  Both of these schools of training focus on going slowly, building a soft relationship with the horse, and developing the horse physically without force or intimidation. 

If you want to learn more about these methods, check out the Links page.

Nora Knight on Vintage Red Wing

Breeding Philosophy

Vintage Kitty Spar

We strive to produce horses that are useful for riding and driving, not just pretty to look at.  We want individuals that enjoy a human partnership and seek out attention.  While handling is certainly a factor in how horses view humans, the individual equine temperament plays a part as well.  We also believe that a horse with good conformation and inherited athletic ability will find it easier to perform the movements we ask of the ridden horse.  Studying conformation, evaluating natural movement, and observing how our horses handle training helps in making wise choices for breeding.

A vital part of a successful breeding program is an understanding of the horses behind the individuals used in the program. Knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the ancestors helps when selecting mates for the breeding animals. As breeders, we have an advantage because we personally know the parents, grandparents and, in some cases, the great grandparents of most of our horses. Because of the proven athletic ability and durability of the western working lines, we have an abundance of those lines in our Morgans. We have introduced some Lippitt blood to contribute classic Morgan type to our program.  If you are interested in pedigree research, please click on the links to see extended pedigrees and pedigree analysis by Laura Algranti.

Abby Knight on Vintage China Doll

We emphasize the importance of mares on a successful breeding program. While a mare contributes 50% to the genetics of a foal, they contribute even more through their influence on the foal from birth to weaning. We expect broodmares to be easy to breed and excellent mothers who teach their foals confidence and trust in people.
It is a priority to have all the mares trained to ride and to give them some experience on the trail.  As time allows, we provide further training in the arena and over obstacles.  All of the mares have taken well to training and seem to enjoy having a job. 

With good breeding and thoughtful training, we aim to produce Morgans that enjoy their work no matter what discipline their partners pursue.


Vintage Kitty Spar on step up obstacle
at Farragut State Park
Winter play with Vintage Lusita
pulling a sled

Vintage Ethan Moro with Tricia Crompton dressed for the Carriage Costume Class
at Walnut Hill in 2014
Having fun bouncing the big red ball.  Left to right, Vintage Indigo with Abby Knight, BuckSnort's Valentine with M'Liss Knight,
Vintage Moonshine with Jenni Grimmett, DVM

Vintage Indigo driven by Abby Knight at their first show Toy Story and Abby Knight
enjoying fresh snow

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